Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creative Kids - 10 Things I love about Kid's Craft Weekly!

I love the site, Kid's Craft Weekly. The editor, Amber, who lives in Australia, clearly has a strong passion for kids and art and having fun. Instead of the standard crafts we all know so well, Amber explores the creative world with passion and excitement.

The result? Fabulous ideas and great fun. Here are the 10 things I love about Kids Craft Weekly.

1. Tons of exciting topics, like Pirates, Mice and the Night Sky.

2. Pictures of what the craft is supposed to look like and how to do it!

3. Easy directions. None of that 5 million steps that leaves kids staring blankly while parents do all the work.

4. Green, green, green. So many of the crafts can be made with things from around the house. Fabulous!

5. Spirited. It is clear editor Amber believes in the importance of imagination. Her projects spurn excitement and creativity.

6. One of us. Amber says her most "feral" time of day is when the kids are tired and it is still 30 minutes from dinner. I have always called that the "witching hour." The point? Amber is one of us! She understands the struggles of parenting and uses great art projects to get through those times with some dignity!

7. Funny. This site is funny. Why not laugh at the editorial while you are searching out an activity for your kids?

8. Articles. Amber writes great articles. You have to read her blurb on "mud pies plus."

9. Newsletters. Yes, you can get all this stuff sent to you every week. Why not?

10. Because our kids are worth it. Amber finds a way to remind us the magic and beauty of inspiring our kids to be creative and passionate about exploring their world. How amazing is that?!

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  1. This is a great site! Lots of ideas, so creative and fun.

    Thanks, Maria for this one!