Monday, November 29, 2010

Polite Kids - Table Manners

I just found this wonderful new blog called Hybrid Mom. Hybrid Mom has a fantastic acronym for table manners. Take a look!

Pull out the chair and sit squarely in the seat
Open napkin and put it in your lap
Let the host start eating before you do
I use silverware correctly
Talk to others and make nice conversation
Excuse yourself before leaving the table

Hybrid mom, you are brilliant! Thanks for a great tip. And here is my two cents. Every day all through the holidays....that will give you a good month, repeat the acronym POLITE at each meal and what the letters mean. The kids will get it committed to memory and and so will you. In no time you can have those dream kids you are desperately hoping for at dinnertime!

Check out Hybrid Mom's full article and blog page here!

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