Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movie Review: Tangled - Is it worth getting caught up in with your kids?

I had the great joy of watching the recent DVD release, , with my nine year old son this weekend. I was surprised that this film is one of my favorite . And I am NOT into the musical numbers, but this one was good. My first nice surprise was the break in Disney tradition. The mom was NOT dead! What a treat, bucking Disney formula from Bambi to Herbie - Fully Loaded, it was great to not have to deal with the dead mom factor.

What are the other stengths of this movie? Numerous. The music is good, and remember, I am not a musical afficionado. Another big strength is the relationship with the "bad mom." Without revealing the whole story line, there is a relationship is this movie in which a character appears to show love, but the only thing she really loves is what the princess can give her. This is a great learning tool for kids about people who only care for them based on what they can get from them, whether from unhealthy family members or friends that want to use them. And it serves as a great reminder to us parents, the importance of showing our children unconditional love, no matter what.

The love story is sweet and demonstrates everything from sacrifice to kindness and integrity. So many , especially follow a stereotypical moment of decision. You know the one. "Main character has defining moment to display integrity, fails briefly, and then does the right thing." It was a nice break not to have that formula rammed down our throats.

My son is nine, but loved the movie. It had action, lots of humor, not too scary bad guys, and the animation was stellar.

Other great messages in this movie? Trust your instincts, believe in your dreams, people can change, don't judge people for how they look, don't lose faith.... oh, the list goes on.....and I can't forget this... for those of us parents that tend to be a bit OVER PROTECTIVE (me), it is a reminder to allow our kids to experience life....

So, this goes on the "must see" list. Kids and adults will definitely get caught up in this one, and what a great entanglement it is!

Check out the video here!