Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kind Kids - Kid Contribution

I will tell you what. It is so easy for me to "do" for my kids. Easy to make that bed, tuck away those toys, clean up that bathroom. We all know why. It takes too long and too much work to teach them over and over and over. Ugh! I guess you probably kmow where I am going with this. Yes, we all know we have to do the "hard" thing and stick with it for our kids and keep teaching them. They need to learn, right? That is true, but that's not my point today. When we take the time to teach our kids and expect them to contribute to their world, we do much more than teach them to make their beds.

We begin to teach them that their contribution matters. The clean bathroom, the cleared dishes are all part of their contribution to the world. We teach them not only that they are loved, but that what they bring to the world means something. We start to set into play a value that honors the mindset of contributing to community. What a gift for our children, that they can impact this world, that what they have to offer means something. In the days to come, remember the importance of sticking to teaching our kids the value of contribution. Small steps. Be patient and envelop them in your love and appreciation when they contribute and see what happens!

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