Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smart Kids - Learning Site Words

This tip comes from teacher, Jennifer Hall.

Thanks, Jennifer for these wonderful tools!

Following are some suggestions that make learning Sight Words fun and effective!! These ideas can be applied to many subjects – the goal is to engage the child in learning and make it a fun experience for them to REMEMBER and WANT to learn! The more senses the child uses while learning, the more effective it will be. Be creative and enjoy!

 Use shaving cream or gel and make spell the words out on the shower wall. You can also spread it all around and kids can use their finger to spell the words out in the foam. Not only do they learn in a fun way, but it smells good and cleans the wall!
 Spell out a word in spaghetti or other food you are having for a meal. They can read the word before they can eat it and, if you don’t mind a mess, let them spell out more words in the noodles as they eat.
 Have word pancakes! Instead of pouring the batter on in the pan for a circle pancake, use a spoon to drizzle the batter and spell words.
 Write the words on index cards or post-it notes and post them around the house and in the car. The more they are exposed, the more likely they are to retain the info. Every time they pass a word, or brush their teeth (if it’s in the bathroom), etc, they have to read the word.
 Make a game out of finding the words in books, posters, etc.
 Write the words on a cheap shower curtain and give them a fly swatter in the bathtub or shower. While they are getting clean, call out a word and have them “swat it”.
 Use sidewalk chalk to make a word hopscotch. Call out a word and they have to jump to that word and read it.
 Make flashcards with sight words or even a memory game and be creative – make up games!!!

Anything to make learning fun and engage their senses (the more used the better!) will make a HUGE difference!!! If they can not only see, but associate a smell, sound, taste, and/or touch with what they are trying to learn, they are more likely to commit it to memory! Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!

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  1. Another great activity is playing a board game called Er-u-di-tion that incorporates both sight words and phonics.

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