Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Learing - What do you do to keep kids learning over summer?

Share your tools and strategies for keeping kids learning over summer here in the comments section!

Thanks for sharing!



  1. We go to the library every week for new books.

  2. We run summer programs with interesting topics to keep them coming in.

  3. One of the best ways to engage your youth and teens in using their minds this summer is getting them involved in your local library events held to inspire them to read and enjoy learning over summer. We offer seven weeks of wonderful activities and programs at our Nassau County Public Library System for the whole family. The theme this year is Be Creative @ Your Library. Each week youth are encouraged to write, draw a picture or any other expression of creativity from the program they attended. They bring them to each weeks program and share with everyone what they drew and the story they wrote. Check your local newspapers for dates and times of events or call your local library for a list of events offered. There is calendar of both family and teen activities at all of our five branches in Nassau County. Encourage your youth to Be Creative.