Thursday, July 2, 2009

Craft Idea - Beaded Solar System

This is something I did with my kids during Camp Curiosity.

We looked up the size and color of the planets, in proportion to each other. We cut out the nine planets, using scrap card stock. We hole punched the end of each planet. Then we strung each of the planets on some ribbon, in order and using beads as separators. It was a great project and is hanging in the dining room. The kids are proud and I can point to any planet and ask them whenever I want. Its their project and they are eager to show off what they know!

They work on find motor, sequencing, association (Mars is the red planet)and have a lot of fun!

Key fact.

Tie the end of the ribbon before you start! We forgot and watched our whole solar system fall apart when the tape slipped off the wall. Woops! Good for laughs but I would still avoid it...

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