Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recycle Art with Newspaper is Great!

We decided to try real recycle art. Of course, my kids had to come up with something a bit complicated, at least for me. But what a great project!

Get a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of newspaper. Maybe 15-20 papers. For each shape, you will use 4 sheets of paper, folded in half. So, each peice is actually 8 peices thick.

Fold the paper and cut to size. A tiny peice for Sonic's tail and a whole sheet of large newspaper for his torso.

Staple it with the exception of a small opening and stuff it with the newspaper scraps.

Staple it again and paint it with tempura paint.

For Sonic, we painted all the individual parts and then stapled his parts together.

For the letter, we hole punched them and strung them together with twine.

The kids will have a blast and it really comes out nicely.

Send me your stories and ideas as well!


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