Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie Review: Aliens in the Attic: Great Family Nite Fun

This movie is a favorite in our house. It is silly and a little scary and really quite sweet. The premise? A groups of kids at a family reunion do battle with a bunch of aliens (in the attic). Of course the evil alien's weapons only work on adults, so the adults must be kept away from them and kept in the dark. It's funny and sweet and I particularly like that the usual strife between the "smart kid" and the "brawny kid" dissipates at the very beginning of the movie. The kids all work together, are compassionate toward each other and act as a team. Plus, if you do pick this one up, make sure you watch after the credits for "Funky Ricky." You won't regret it. So pop the corn, curl up on the couch and put in a movie the whole family will enjoy.

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