Monday, May 3, 2010

Time Out for Parents - Three Quick Tips

We all know how important time outs are for our kids. Today, I just wanted to remind all us parents to stop a little bit each day and take some time for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with stopping to get our center back and everything wrong with not doing that.

Here are three simple ways to slow down.

"Mommy" or "Daddy" time.
I take small increments and tell my kids I am having "mommy time." I might grab a glass of flavored seltzer, kick back in my bedroom, read a chapter of a book, look at my favorite magazine, even have a cat nap. I feel great and refreshed after a few minutes and it teaches my kids boundaries. But, keep in mind your kids' ages. Mine are older, 9 and 13, and able to be unsupervised.

Get yourself a backup
My mom is one of my backups. She has been around to help me with carpooling, when I have to run to the market, etc. And when I need a break? She tells me, "Add a little time for you, honey." So,I might stop at a store, take a quick walk, or grab something from the coffee shop. Nice.

The Cushion
When you are running your errands, working, dropping off kids, add in a cushion. Stop and do something you love in the midst of all your maintenance work. Do you love art? Stop at an art gallery during lunch or after dropping off kids. Schedule library time for YOU. Consider joining a team. I was on a "mom's soccer league" for awhile. It was a blast. I almost had a coronary twice a week. But it was different and about me!

Remember to take the time to stop today, even just for a two-minute time out every now and then and get back to center.

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