Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Movie Review Toy Story: Something for Everyone

I had the great pleasure of taking the family to see Toy Story last week. This movie swept away three generations of us. It captured the kids, myself and brought me an extra dose of joy to hear my mom chuckling throughout the movie.

This is, I believe, the best of the franchise. Letting go, passing on the torch, loyalty, sacrifice, friendship are all root themes. There is so much material in this movie, from bullying to bad choices to growing up and humility, parents will have fodder for helping their children using the examples of different characters in this movie for years to come.

Oh, and Ken will make you cry with laughter. Characters like Buttercup and Big Baby will all conjure up memories of our own childhood's. Prepare to shed a tear, just out of the beauty of the movie's messages. This is a winner for all. You will laugh and cry and somewhere, deep inside of you, that child who loved to play will come out for a bit. You will definitely want to sit on the floor with your kids and the Barbie camper or the action figures after this one.

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